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theark34 The music is just really chill. It's hard at points, but not too hard. I like how there are some "harder" songs and then more softer/melodic ones. It's really nice to listen to. The vocals are great. Favorite track: Missing.
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This album is dedicated in loving memory of Nancy Cardone.


released June 4, 2013

Aero is:

Robbie Grove - Bass
Timmy Grove - Drums
Eddie McCarron - Guitar
Nick Cardone - Lead vocals, guitar

Produced by Nick Cardone and Aero
Mixed by Nick Cardone
Mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Mastersuite Studio
Drum Engineers: Luke Moisson and Jeremy Moisson
Drums recorded at Frog Pond Studio
Album art by Olivia Sebesky
Engineer (Mining Diamonds): Wes Moore

Special thanks to all of the above, Matt Russell, Brendan McCarthy, our families, and all of the friends who have been so supportive, you know who you are.

All songs (c) Aero 2013



all rights reserved


Aeronaut Down Boston, Massachusetts

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Aeronaut Down draws from a diverse spectrum of influences and experiences, culminating in a unique and captivating sound. Rooted in inventive, energetic riffs, a lockstep rhythm section and inescapably catchy melodies, the band’s high energy approach comes with just the right amount of subtlety and restraint. Pick up their latest EP 'Cloudburst' today! ... more

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Track Name: Standby
Ever seeing eyes open up to me
Fountain of all life, help me to see
Is it harder to believe that everything is real or that it's all pretend?
I can't decide

And then the hand is over your eyes
And on the speakers they advise you to stand by
Suddenly you realize you only see what they decide that you should see

Ever-flowing river, wash my body clean
Rid me of my pride and my beliefs
When I look again I start to disbelieve everything I see on my TV
Track Name: Spiral Eyes
She was wise beyond this life
She was divine
She looked in my eyes and said

I'm never gonna fall in love
I'm never carrying that weight
I don't know what you're waiting for, move on
I'm never gonna fall in love
I'm never going to bend or break
The girl that you are looking for is gone

I was wild, anxious and terrified
Shaking like a leaf
She was divine, beautiful and so serene
And though I tried, she said to me
Track Name: Paradigm Shift
I'm caught in the middle of two great paradigms, and I can't see through the thick of the flaws in my design
A cold indecision that creeps in the backs of minds and makes a nest has grown out of infancy deep in the back of mine

So now you're falling back to see the end of all that was
Have I been living in a dream all this time?

Am I wasting my time on another one?
Am I wasting my time on the future?
Am I wasting my time on another, wasting my time on you?

I'm caught in the middle of two great loves of mine, and I can't breathe
As I fight it I become more entwined
She's an oasis of blue in my greying sky
Sunbeams seep through, and they signal a shift in paradigm

Am I doing the right thing?
Track Name: Alien
Down into the river I dive
Underwater I can open my eyes
Harder now to see anything in black and white
Now I see through cerulean eyes everything that goes swimming by
Harder to believe your eyes when they all look like aliens

Down until the darkness arrives
Spinning thread, the emeralds of my eye
Hard to differentiate the truth from the lies
Am I diving into my demise?
Am I going to make it out alive?
Hard to see the answers when all before my eyes looks alien
And I feel like an alien

Up to the air to breathe again
I still see in cerulean
Track Name: Sky Lights
Gone like the wind off the shores of Atlantic waters
Up and off like a rocket
Speeding far away like a comet
Hope to get just as high
Looking for something so big but elusive
Can't even put my finger on it
Trying to be free but the leash is only so long
Where am I going and why is the question?
Gotta get my hands on an answer
Caught up in my mind like a fly in a spider's web
I'm thinking somebody's watching out there
Even though I'm far from you

As I fall asleep to the sound of the wind whispering off the ground I wish that you were here with me
And when I wake up to the sun, I'll imagine that the dream was real and that you had been here with me

Eyes open wide I can see in the twilight
Stars are lighting up like sky lights
Shining ever bright on a clear night
Something I won't forget
From such a height I can see for forever
Looking over the horizon
Yeah, you might be far but we're still under the same sky

As I fall asleep to the sound of the wind whispering off the ground I wish that you were here with me
And when I wake up to the sun, I'll imagine that my dream was real and that you had been here with me
I can see your face in the stars
Track Name: Hate Me
It's incredible the way that you take what you can and make mole hills into mountains like you do, over and again
You can't see the wood for the trees
You can't see the wood for the trees

You're crying over spilled milk again
You'd rather make me an enemy than a friend
I don't think that you can be saved
So go ahead and hate me for the smallest part of me

It's regrettable the way that you sit on your pedestal and look down at the world through a microscope, over and again
You can't see the wood for the trees
You can't see the wood for the trees

You're crying over spilled milk again
You'd rather make me an enemy than a friend
You're way too high up on your throne
So why don't you go ahead and cast the first stone?
Track Name: Missing
How many ways can I get in my own way?
Is it over?
Put one foot down than the other
What can I say?
Maybe I was built to break and tumble over
Left foot then the right one

Now we're moving slow and steady
But I'm breathing quick and heavy
I might be good at falling but I'm slightly better at getting up

So now I'm waiting for anything to wake me up so I can stop wasting my time
Something's missing inside of me and though I wish I knew, I can't make up my mind
But I wish you were here

How many days will it take before it fades and it's over?
Point gun at foot, pull the trigger
What can I say? I get more impressive aim as I get older
Left foot then the right one
Now I'm bleeding, but the pain's not superseding my desire to keep believing in the grass that's so much greener on the other side
Track Name: Wildflower
Once from the ground there grew a seed
Into full bloom it sprouted up to waver in the breeze
It flourished, colorful and vibrant, in both the sun and in the rain

Well, I took such care to keep it safe
Made myself believe in immortality
But as time went on it's way, I'd learn it was foolish of me

What have I let this become?
My heart is hurt
Everything within this world will have its turn

Vividly I remember the day when the first petal fell
Then like the leaves in autumn, the others would succumb as well

Why did I believe that this could be invincible?
Now I watch the flower die
Could this be possible?

What have I let this become?
My heart is hurt
Everything within this world will have its turn to pass on
Track Name: Feels Like Rain
You were on course for a brand new day
You were headed for a new horizon
No matter what other people would say, you were invincible
But you'd hesitate 'cause you were afraid
You were looking for one bright green light
The light went green but again you stayed, stuck in the breakdown lane

You never thought that you would see the day when you'd look back on your life and think, I wonder how I let it slip away through my fingers
You'll think about it and you'll feel the pain, to know you're never gonna get it back
Now every sunny day just feels like rain, and every breath is like a heart attack

Somebody waits and she feels the same
She is waiting for the light to change
But all the words that you will not say just push her away

You know it all comes back to you
Track Name: Tongue Tied
Everyone can see what you're doing
Like a baby deer trying to walk
In the glare of the spotlight, typical

Open mouth conflicted mind
The butterflies go wild
If you don't mind I think it might be time to wave your white flag high
You're tongue tied

Everybody knows what you're doing
Getting caught red-handed and pants down
Just a pawn in the chess game

Open mouth and feeble mind
Evolution left you behind
So there you stand, straddling the broad line between two conflicting sides
You're tongue tied
Track Name: The Aquatic
We're moving underwater in slow motion
Above the surface lies and waits to be broken
In this abysmal void, just hold fast to my hand
As we stray from the land the water rises

We tell aquatic stories of the life that we lead
We will dream aqueous dreams, enjoying life underwater
And if we dry up someday
I only hope to do so with you
Because there's nothing I would not do to preserve our happiness

And all I renew in descending from the sky will open things up for our undersea life
When we take this ship down and escape from the light
Dredge the unknown until we find what we like, then live in perfect harmony for life

Darling please don't make me ascend
Darling please don't let our story end
Track Name: Chaos
Lovely eyes tell me it's all going to be alright
I breathe out
My senses fade slowly away
I slowly ascend
The journey ends

Lovely eyes gaze into mine, silently smiling
I divide, transient mind leaves behind body
Into the sunrise, dissolving in light
Everything's alright
Everything's alright

Was this all real or just chaos?
And all this time I was afraid
But now my senses fade and I am home

While you're waiting, I'll be right here by your side
Until we answer all the questions
Track Name: Mining Diamonds (bonus track)
I've been digging away
Because what once appeared in my head slipped away like a flame caught in the rain
I've been mining the caves
Mining diamonds down deep in the fray
To erode that which has buried my light away

Down in the dark I know that it hasn't always been this way

Maybe we broke the sun
Maybe we've only fallen asleep
In a dark omniety
We beheld what was ours just to bathe it in dark
Just to paint it in sleep
So now mining diamonds is where I will be

I've been sulking around
I've been shoveling dirt deep underground
Antimatter in sheets lay for miles over me
Down in dark energy one can go without sunlight for weeks
But I know that it will be worth the pain